How a VMS Can Reduce Threat to School Security

In the last ten years there has been a major explosion in the sales of school security systems. The main reason for this is that schools are now experiencing more than their normal amount of student violence. There has been an increase in vandalism, robbery, and even sexual assault. With these new and improved issues in school, the schools have had to implement a security plan that includes implementing a visitor management system with VMS.

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In this context, A VMS can be defined as a virtual personal monitoring station or visitor management system. This is exactly what it says, it is a personal monitoring station that allows school administrators to keep a watchful eye on who is coming and going from school. By using this particular type of security, schools are able to manage the flow of traffic, monitor who is coming and going from school, and take precautions against vandalism and other criminal activity. They can also see who is calling during school hours or during school break times as well.

It is really helpful for a school administrator to have a system that allows them to record a visitor’s face and all of the information associated with the person. This information is uploaded into the system and can be reviewed at any time by administrators. This makes it easy for teachers and other school employees to identify who they need to contact when there is a concern about illegal activity or if they suspect a student is behaving inappropriately. In addition, it enables the teachers to keep track of where students are throughout the day as well. This type of system allows for quick detection of issues that occur on school grounds.

Benefits of Implementing VMS

  1. One of the many benefits of implementing a VMS into your school security system is the prevention of harassment. This is something that all employees in a school face on a daily basis. It is especially difficult for women to work in a menial environment with co-workers and other students continually making suggestive comments to them about what they are wearing and how they look. When a system is in place, it allows teachers and security staff to spot inappropriate behavior much quicker. This is often the time when teachers may come into contact with a potential sexual harasser.

  2. Another benefit is that a VMS provides a higher level of security for an individual school. Because it can identify visitors and employees alike, the security system can keep an individual school safer from people who are not authorized to be on the school property. In some cases, a VMS is used as a means of identifying perpetrators of crimes such as vandalism and theft so that law enforcement authorities can step in and deal with the situation.

  3. A VMS can also help to reduce costs for a school. Because the system contains a large number of cameras, it can help to increase the visibility of a school. This allows a school to draw in more potential students and give them more opportunities to learn. In addition, because the video surveillance system has a high quality camera, it can also help to deter crime from occurring on school grounds. A VMS system can identify criminals through the use of lighting, lens flares, and angles.

  4. There are many other benefits to using a VMS. In addition to the safety and security features described previously, a VMS can allow a school to track employee hours and attendance. It can also help to reduce truancy among students by allowing a school administrator to manage work hours and classroom schedules using a single interface. Finally, a VMS can allow schools to monitor student social networks including MySpace and Facebook.

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Many schools are already using VMS video surveillance systems. While a VMS is not always a mandatory part of a new construction project, it is often selected for its ease of use and its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. iLobby for Schools have been installed in hundreds of schools throughout the United States and in many different schools around the world. The use of this technology is increasing rapidly because of its proven efficiency and because of the added benefit of reducing truancy and eliminating school violence. No school wants to lose money due to inefficient and/or ineffective systems and a VMS is an excellent investment for any school.