360 Performance Review And Its Business Benefits

360 performance review is basically a multi-source assessment or analysis on an employee which touches on a number of aspects like their performance level, communicational skills, ability to work under pressure, their ability to co-operate, management skills, leadership skills and reliability.

Advantages of the Assessment

  • The assessment is actually of immense help to the managers have a better understanding of the workforce, their contribution in increasing the productivity level.
  • With the help of these reviews, the employees get a chance to improve themselves in ways different. Take a look at some of the positive impact that 360 performance review has on the employees:
  • The review is a potential help for self-development. It therefore it gives the chance to the individual to help the particular aspect, which will be beneficial in the work environment. This also improves his/her association and participation with the colleagues.
  • The employees who somewhat underestimate themselves often get motivated with the help of a 360 performance review. This also helps them to work better and with more participation.
  • Everyone gets to voice their opinions and judgments.
  • It plays an active role in improving the working environment and relationships.
  • It also gives the employees a chance to clarify a thing or two and therefore confront with their own lacks and shortages.

360 performance review

The Unique Characteristics and Features of the Review:

There are many companies which are slowly adopting the 360 degree review process to ensure that they are having a complete and comprehensive review of each and every employee on board. The diversity of the reviews and opinion that come owing to the process gives a clear introspection into the person. It is generally the peers, team members, subordinates, managers who take an active part towards contributing their opinions and evaluation.

The positive and the negative reviews have an immense significance on the professional career of an individual as well. On the basis of the feedback the person might even get promoted to a better position in the same company.

What Do You Need To Know About It?360 degree review

However here are some of the intricacies and norms that are most widely associated with the 360 performance review.

Time Consuming and Complex

If not conducted under the supervision of an efficient team, the entire process could take up a whole lot of time and might even fail to serve the purpose for which it was designed. Therefore, it is always better to ensure that there is a stipulated time span for the whole process to take place.

Requires a Firm Dealing

The entire process without a proper management can become extremely futile. It is therefore that the authorities should deal with the feedback smoothly and carefully. They should not take long before acting on the same.

The Information Needs To Be Circulated

Without the proper circulation of 360 performance review, you can actually impose a very hostile environment in the office. It is therefore needed to get clarified on the points and make the best with the reviews.